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Some BIG News and Reinventing the Old - Inspiring examples!

Hello Foodie Friends & Innovators,

This week I am sharing some BIG news on a project I've been working on for quite some time. Thanks to Skillnet Ireland, Taste 4 Success and Blas na hEireann, together we have secured funding for four Irish food & drink producers to have their brand developed or redeveloped. We all know that brand development can have a significant cost at the early stages of business, but it is the very thing that can get you noticed and influence your next big listing!  Think this might help your business, then read on for more information. Also, this week I am looking at brands who have gained success from reinventing a traditional food with better taste or convenience to a new audience. The skill of NPD teams and brands in re-making “old” foods to appeal to a new market has driven many successes over the years from the almond to the cauliflower. Here's a few recent examples that I've spotted. 

Are you doing anything in your business to reinvent "old favourites" Enjoy the read, and have a super weekend, 

Annie x


Does this sound like something you might be interested in,  then come along to the BrandBite event at Bia Innovator Campus, Athenry on 22nd May, where you will hear from food industry experts including brand specialist & founder of Neworld, Pat Kinsley, Investor & founder of Jelly Bean Factory, Richard Cullen, marketing & communications specialist Sharon Noonan and consumer insights specialist Michelle Frawley. Attendees will learn more about how to apply for this fantastic branding programme. T&C's apply. 

🌐 Sign Up for the BrandBite event here

This Training Programme is for Irish Food & Drink producers seeking to: 

Help strengthen your brand, enhance its market presence, and achieve sustainable business growth. 

Understand more about the brand building process, remove the confusion, and develop a brand that you are proud to call your own.  

Obtain expert insights and guidance on various aspects of brand building, from defining your unique point of difference and conducting consumer research, to optimising marketing budgets and more.


I've not had a packet soup in years until I discovered Soul Kitchen. It completely changed my perception of this 80's store cupboard essential!  Founder, Bella, has a vision for a healthier, more vibrant world, and has a simple belief that convenience should never compromise quality. Bella and her team champion the power of real veggies, transforming them into delectable soups that nourish the soul and the body. Each packet tastes surprisingly delicious, is a great source of fibre, always 1 of your 5 a day and contains no added sugar or nasty flavourings. They come in an array of tempting flavours: Thai style beetroot and coconut, curried sweet potato and pumpkin soup, and Mexican-style tomato and red pepper. Plus, they're all plant-based and gluten-free for your dietary preferences.


Kerry Dairy Consumer Foods, a segment within Kerry Group's dairy enterprise Kerry Dairy Ireland, has unveiled a range of products blending oats and dairy, marking a first in its category. Dubbed the SMUG Dairy range, this innovative brand is positioned as a "disruptive new brand" and features a selection of milk, cheese and butter crafted by harmonizing the benefits of dairy with plant-based ingredients. According to the company, this unique fusion of oats and dairy promises consumers the "best of both worlds," delivering the rich, creamy taste of dairy without compromise. A nice example of reinventing a range in response to changes in consumer behaviour and preferences over recent years.


Angel Delight, renowned for its nostalgic dessert mixes, is now venturing into the ice-cream category, signalling a strategic move to adapt to evolving consumer preferences. With a surge in demand for handheld ice cream treats in the UK, this expansion aligns perfectly with current market trends. The range debuts with two classic Angel Delight flavours – Butterscotch and Banana. Not only do they taste like the packaged puds they also replicate their texture so well. Introducing new ice cream sticks extends the brand's reach, offering loyal Angel Delight enthusiasts and newcomers alike the opportunity to indulge in their favourite flavours on even more occasions, just in time for the summer season.


Boxty, a classic Irish potato pancake crafted from a blend of leftover mashed potato and grated raw potato, is experiencing a resurgence. Familiar to many through the old Irish rhyme, "Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan; if you can't make boxty, you'll never get a man," this traditional dish is capturing attention once more. One standout producer leading this revival is Dromod Boxty, a chershed family-owned business renowned for their commitment to crafting authentic homemade boxty and other delicacies using time-honoured Irish recipes passed down through generations. Their gluten-free variation is particularly outstanding, showcasing how a beloved "old-fashioned" product can successfully reinvent itself to attract a new and younger audience.

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