I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most passionate and talented people in the world of food and I am excited to be able to share this knowledge and experience with others.
Coffee Table

"Annie has exceptional product standards, with an experienced eye for packaging design. Her clear thinking & market knowledge helped us to diversify our portfolio and focus our minds on the most relevant products which we are proud to sell under our own brand."

Iley Ozerlat-Gunduz

Director, Ozerlat


"Ann does not only understand food. She understands people, brand dynamics and the associated relationships. In addition, Ann appreciates and loves good food. Working for, with and alongside Ann gave me appreciation for what an asset she is. Her empathy and passion for people and her work, together with her boundless energy and optimism make her a joy to work with. Ann's experience, personality, creativity and deep insight give her that rare exclusivity."


Linda Cudjoe

Technical & Food Safety Consultant

"Annie's high level of expertise and professional attitude combines with an incredibly imaginative mind and a wonderful personality that helped to elevate our products to the next level and opened many doors in the luxury world."


Anita T. Tóth

Founder, Go Natural Organic Food

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"Annie's energy is infectious. Her enthusiasm and creative mindset made the whole process both engaging & fun. She simplified complex information and made it interesting. Her clear thinking, customer insight & strategic mindset helped us to create a pipeline of new products that support our core service of coaching & meditation for our clients."

Maryellen & Anirban Saha

Founders, Futrnow