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I help food businesses deliver exceptional new products
that create a meaningful impact in the world of food.


Founder of the art of GRATE Food, a business dedicated to delivering new products that create a meaningful impact in the world of food. I have an inherent love of food, so much so that I have dedicated my lifelong career to it. Having grown up on a farm in Cavan in Ireland, my heritage is deeply rooted in natural food and I am a big advocate of eating well to live longer. To me, food really is my medicine.



I pursued a career in food from an early age. Following a  masters degree in food business obtained at University College Cork, I went on to spend 20 years in both food manufacturing and retail, with Kerry Foods and Superquinn and the latter 10 years leading the product development team, for the world-renowned food halls at Harrods in London.

I have an eye for developing new products and concepts. To me, food has to have meaning and significance, and it is finding a niche in the market for these foods that motivates me and gives me pure joy.


According to the Food Corporation, up to 90% of food businesses fail within the first five years of launch. The Art of GRATE Food was established to help new businesses get their product and packaging offering right first time, delivering meaningful products in the world of food. 



Being as sustainable a business as I can be is very important to me. Every little change can deliver a small difference. and all together it can have a great impact. Here's just some of the things I do for my business to minimise my impact on the climate. 

  • Remote working means I do much of my meetings on-line, and so I travel much less than I once needed to.  

  • All packaging used for samples & products are re-used where possible. I throw out nothing! 

  • My website is cleaner than 59% of web pages tested according to  

  • When travelling to clients, I ensure we are getting the most from those face to face meetings, minimising frequency, and where possible, I use public transport to get there. 

  • I avoid printing (unless necessary) In actual fact, my printer was out of service for almost three months, and it really refocused me on not printing unless really critical 

  • I am constantly building my knowledge surronding the topic of Climate change and the impact the food industry is having on this. 

  • I have a whole section dedicated to "sustainability" in my monthly newsletter, sharing tips & examples of brands & producers that are tackling the issue 

  • My website is designed to be super efficient to help avoid energy use. 

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