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Single Sweet Treat Trends - 5 Innovative products!

Happy FriYAY and Bank Holiday Weekend Readers! 

This week, I'm diving into a delicious trend bubbling up in London & New York's culinary scene: the rise of stores that sell just one product! Picture this: shops dedicated to a single sweet treat, from decadent crumbles to tantalising churros and creamy rice puddings. It's a bold move, isn't it? I can't help but admire the audacity behind such focused concepts. Read on to see some great examples of this, and explore the risks, rewards, and sheer bravery driving these delectable ventures forward. Let's indulge in the sweet side of innovation!

As always, enjoy the read and reach out if you want to discuss this edition more,

Annie x


Kim, the founder, found herself standing outside a normally buzzing ice cream parlour. She thought ‘what could they make to bring in customers when the sun’s not out? Crumble, the favourite British dessert, of course!' And so Humble Crumble was born, and now the business have three stores in prime locations around London. The product is to die for, I had the Christmas version with Chocolate Orange in December and had to return for their signature crumble the week after. I love that every crumble served reflects their commitment to being a compassionate, sustainable and friendly business. They have chosen suppliers not only for the quality of their produce but for their dedication to sustainability. The menu changes seasonally, from comforting & warming in the winter and deliciously refreshing with iced toppings in the summer.


Rizz Rice is the first rice pudding bar in the UK! They craft innovative rice pudding flavours, capturing a moment where a cherished British dish is blended with global inspiration and tradition. We’re reigniting the passion and love for this timeless dessert. They want folks to see rice pudding in a new light. They offer pots and balls, and are a great example of a brand that are balancing freshness and indulgence, catering to all tastes and moods. I'm planning to taste the vegan coconut option topped with fresh mango pieces & black sesame. Sounds heavenly! 


Grape & Fig - the first grazing catering company in the UK - was founded by Toria Smith in 2017. Her initial inspiration came whilst planning her wedding the previous year, when she quickly realised there was a huge gap in the market when it came to wedding food. Fast forward to 2024, and together with her sister, who joined the company a few years ago, they have opened their first store on Regent St.  This concept  focuses on the finest Cheese & Charcuterie produce. Simply choose your box size, your ‘base’, your condiments, & they’ll craft your perfect cheese box right alongside you, just for you.


Billed as a London 'first' the arrival of Mexican churreria Aguamiel aims to introduce Londoners to the joys of Mexican churros. Based in Covent Garden, they pair the Churro with a Mexican hot chocolate or "cafe de olla".   Customers then get to choose what to dip their cinnamon-dusted churros in - dulce de leche, condensed milk or chocolate.  Aguamiel will also be selling saritas (churro ice cream sandwiches) and a range of Mexican drinks. Everything is crafted with love, which is then sprinkled with the irresistible essence of Mexico.


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