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London's Natural & Organic Expo 2024 Part 2 - 5 Innovative products!

Welcome to another edition of GRATE!

Last week, we embarked on a journey through the bustling aisles of the Natural & Organic Show in London, And this week, we continue our exploration with Part 2 of my visit, shining a spotlight on five more brands and products that captivated our senses and ignited our curiosity. In a landscape where conscious consumption is paramount, these brands are not just offering products; they are crafting experiences, advocating for sustainability, and redefining the boundaries of taste and nutrition.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a passionate foodie, or a curious observer, I believe these discoveries have the potential to spark new ideas and opportunities for your business. Who knows, the next big inspiration for your business could be just a scroll away!

Enjoy the read as always and keep the feedback coming, it's super important to me ;)

Annie x


Ancient & Brave are the pinnacle of sustainability, and they have the eco-credentials to back it up. A brand I have long admired. This Wild Collagen caught my eye, as the team on the stand informed me that it's uniqueness lies in the fact that Wild Collagen provides easily digestible, highly bioavailable Type I hydrolysed marine collagen peptides. And it has the bonus of a neutral odour and taste. I also love the fact that it comes in different formats, the sachets are perfect to just pop in your handbag. Collagen is in high demand at the moment by consumers. But why? Well, Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is naturally found in skin, cartilage and bones. As we age collagen levels naturally decline which may affect mobility, skin elasticity, joint and gut health (leading to visible signs of ageing). As consumers increase their awareness of this, they are looking for collagen products to help prevent this aging.



Boba tea, also referred to as bubble tea or pearl tea, originated in Taiwan during the 1980s and has since become a ubiquitous presence with fresh boba tea shops scattered across the island. A big hit with the teens & young adults, this beloved beverage typically begins with a base of brewed tea, often infused with milk. The distinctive element of boba tea lies in its chewy, marble-sized pearls, traditionally crafted from tapioca starch, which are added to the tea. Emerging as one of the most prominent trends in the beverage industry, it's no surprise that it is now available in a ready to drink Can. The interesting thing about JENJI is that the range features the brand’s proprietary Coco Jelly Boba pearls, providing a lighter, lower carb alternative to traditional tapioca pearls—32g per 100g vs. 88g for tapioca pearls. A great example of bringing an additional consumer benefit to a new range.


SUPERKEEN Cereal is completely new to the market, being the first auto-immune friendly product, which is launching this Summer! It is made out of nutrient dense Tiger Nut Flour and Cassava Flour and the coating consists of Date Syrup, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil and other flavours such as Cinnamon and Cocoa. Developed by Caragh Keane, who was given a shock Lupus diagnosis back in 2021, and suffered extreme joint pain and struggled with other symptoms such as severe alopecia and blistered skin. She wanted to find a natural way to heel, and so started eating in the most anti-inflammatory and gut friendly way possible, making her own creations. SUPERKEEN is a brand serious about making anti-inflammatory food delicious to keep your tastebuds satisfied and your insides soothed. It will also be the first AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) friendly brand in the UK.


Quirky Monkey's coffee fusions are like warm hug in a mug. It is another great example of mushroom coffee, a trend that is exploding at the moment. Founded by Darwin, he discovered he was epileptic and neurodiverse at a very early age. He would drink herbal tea and coffee to enhance his energy levels and mental focus, which medication would deplete. The range of coffee and hot chocolate is infused with different types of mushrooms from Lions Maine to Cordyceps.


I was super impressed with the quality of this pasta, made with yellow pea. I discovered that Zenb's Whole Veg philosophy lends itself to a gluten free approach to living. I love pasta but I know my tummy doesn't always love it! Zenb are on a mission to move food culture forward, building plant-powered products, and working to raise awareness and inspire change within the food system. The name comes from the word zenbu (全部) – the Japanese expression for whole.

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