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Innovation from Expo West, California - The Top 5!

Hi Foodie Friends & Innovators!

Expo West in California is unrivalled in showcasing the most recent trends impacting consumer products. It's essentially the industry's premier natural, organic and health trade show, offering a unique platform for companies across various growth stages, from budding start-ups to established players, to showcase their latest product lines and cutting-edge innovations. Although I didn't make it this year, I've been following the reports and insights from various companies, such as Bain & Co. and Forbes, and have selected the following five brands that are disrupting FMCG categories in the US. These insurgent brands provide insights into where innovation and disruptive growth is happening in the food industry. 

Have a read and let me know if it sparks innovative thinking for your food business!

Annie x


Brainchild of nutritionist and nomad, Ri Rupani, Everiday celebrates the flavours of the world and upgrades pantry staples that redefine convenience. Ri's story is very inspiring, having been diagnosed with two auto-immune illnesses at a young age, the catalyst for setting up the business. Based in Singapore, all products are nutritionist-approved recipes that don’t skimp on flavour. The company partner with Rosebrook, a developmental centre dedicated to nurturing children to reach their highest good and fullest potential. They sponsor a daily supply of goods and are committed to donating a percentage of their sales to cover tuition shortfalls for deserving families. 


Honey Smoked Fish Company is a great example of a traditional product & company moving into the Convenience/Food on the Move space. Honey Smoked Fish Company have introduced Stackers, an on-the-go fresh fish snack, with 13g protein and 1200mg of omega three's. Don’t get caught without something healthy and delicious when you start getting a little hangry. These Salmon Stackers are a hearty portion of Honey Smoked Salmon, signature lemon & chive cream cheese and gluten-free rice crackers for a light snack that's anything but light on flavour.


As first-generation Afghan Americans growing up in the Midwest, food served as a vital link to the sisters Middle Eastern heritage. Inspired by their Mom’s magic green chutney recipe, they launched Maazah, meaning flavour in Farsi. Maazah is made with real ingredients, no sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. and their products are now available in in over 300 stores nationwide. Middle Eastern flavours is reaching mainstream now and there is definitely an opportunity for something similar in Irish & UK markets.


Ghetto Gastro is a Bronx-born culinary collective from Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, and Lester Walker. They've merged food, fashion, music, art and design. The Bronx serves as their home, muse and a driver of global culture. It’s where Caribbean, Latin, Asian and African cultures seamlessly thrive together, often creating new flavours of their own – including us.  Their vision is to honour the under-represented, under-estimated and too often ignored. In their range, they layer flavour the same way hip hop layers samples and interpolations: as a way to expand, comment, shake up, share, and revel in their collective memory. To them, “Ghetto” means innovation. It’s in their name as a reminder of why they do what they do and who they do it for. Definitely appealing to the younger generation! 


Fire & Smoke Society is an insurgent maker of spices, rubs, seasonings, coating mixes and sauces for all kinds of indoor and outdoor cooking. The original F&S rubs and sauces were conceived by two friends and devoted grilling fanatics who happen to also own PK Grills. They make spices and sauces for people like themselves: ardent, obsessed outdoor cooking nerds. Their range is very different to the standard dried herbs & spices you find in the supermarket. Shown in the image, their hot for peacher, the sweet, fresh taste of summer's sultriest fruit meld with a whiff of smoke and their favourite BBQ spices. Also great with Vanilla ice-cream! A great example of bringing a product into a new category, 

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