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  • Annie Dunne

Food Trends Christmas 2022

Christmas is a precious time, not least since the pandemic, where the coming together of family, friends and loved ones is a time we are truly grateful for. On the one hand, Christmas lends itself to tradition (no one wants to mess up the one great Meal of the year!) but over the years, those traditions have been influenced by many factors , and so we see many traditions being played out, but with some twists. This year is no different, there are some noticeable twists, likely influenced by the cost of living crisis and the learnings from the still present pandemic. And trends that we've seen growing during the year, will infiltrate Christmas too, such as sustainability, avoiding waste, and overall wellbeing.

Here's a round up of my top trends, and what food brands and retailers should be thinking about and building into their range development for 2023.

UNIQUE TO ME - Consumers are seeking unique, personalised gifts that will stand the test of time. Something they can perhaps even pass on to the younger generations. Take this Recipe Journal from Papier, which allows you to keep a record of your musings with this pretty gold foil journal from Papier, which has sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and treat recipes as well as dietary requirement and ingredient demarcations to each page.

CONSCIOUS SHOPPING - Consumers want to use what they've got, and waste less. I can't imagine how many millions of crackers get purchased every year, a tradition thats worth keeping, but thankfully, reusable crackers are now making their way into mainstream retail. Below an example of a luxury reusable crackers from Creative Angel, each one handmade by Aoife. Made with cotton fabric, and finished with a double sided satin ribbon. They can be put away and taken back out next year, a conscious investment worth making. Another example is F&M Forever Crackers. Beautifully crafted using a rich emerald green fabric, each one is filled with bespoke items, before being tied together with a luxurious ribbon. There’s no bang, but the environment will thank you, as they’ll last for generations with proper care.

THE GIFT OF MASTERING A NEW SKILL IN THE KITCHEN - from pasta making to pudding making, to fermentation kits and growing your own mushrooms, there is a whole lot of innovative kits in the market this Christmas for the avid cook or baker. Here's just an example of a few I came across.

DIY COCKTAILS - Consumers are shaking up their spirit and braving the world of mixology. From easy to more complex cocktail recipes, consumers are kitting out their cocktail bars/cupboards with all the accessories and ingredients they need to impress their family and friends. A frothy espresso martini or a vibrant Aperol Spritz anyone?

CENTREPIECES FOR SHARING - The tiktok sensation this year is Butter boards (second image below in case you've missed it!). It’s a simple and cheaper alternative to the venerable charcuterie board, which has taken off due to its relatively humble price tag. In a time where meat and cheese are skyrocketing in price, they’re the perfect solution for those who want to partake in casual communal dining without breaking the bank. But of course, all kinds of centrepieces work over Christmas, where groups of friends come together for a more casual feast. Both sweet and savoury, or a combo of both! Check out Nobo's Christmas Treat Box, a gift box featuring a selection of treats, all handmade in their Chocolate Lab in Dublin, including new Chai truffles, Mint Hot Chocolate, limited eidtion Hazlenut Praline filled chocolate bar and our Christmas bark selection. Now that's a sweet centrepiece ready to be eaten!

INTERACTIVE FOOD ENTERTAINMENT - M&S spear headed with trend with it now infamous light up tins, followed by its Gin Snow Globe range. And this year, its no different, with their interactive desserts, pictured below, a white chocolate, passion fruit & mango snow globe dessert


Seeking influence from the wider world is evident, with tropical and jungle taking the lead this year. Harrods most popular dessert this year (or the one that has caught the nations heart at least) is a Tropical Snowpal. It is made from meringue, passionfruit mousse and pineapple jam and costs £8. As well as a classic snowman shape, it also has an edible scarf, buttons down its front and a nose like a miniature carrot. The sweet treat was met with plenty of love when it was shared to the official @harrodsfood instagram. And take a look at the direction that Alain Ducaisse has taken this year. Part of his world tour of flavours, Alain invites you to travel to Asia, to venture the tropical forests and mangroves animated by the ballet of birds of paradise.


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