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  • Annie Dunne


As 2022 nears a close, I have been reflecting on what has been a "growth" year. "Growth" was the word I chose at the start of 2022, in both a personal and professional sense.

One of the stand-out highs was devoting time to work on my 2023 business strategy in a relaxed environment with the fabulous Sharon Noonan in Portugal. The away from the office change of scenery was a source of inspiration and ground-breaking ideas and whilst the initial objective was business-focused, the agenda also included much-needed space for personal reflection.

There were post-it notes, challenging conversations, walks, (abandoned) sea swims, delicious food, wine, lots of laughs and a few tears. It was an immensely cathartic experience giving myself permission to be vulnerable, professionally and personally, in a safe and supportive environment.

Sharon and I both came away knowing that we should do this more often, and so we have set about planning our next retreat in Ireland in March 2023. We are both equally passionate about supporting self-employed female entrepreneurs, and we are open to others joining us.

If you are committed to investing 2-3 days in 2023 to nurture your business and personal development, then please do consider joining us, more details are below. Spaces are limited, so it will have to be on a first come basis!! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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