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Hello Foodie Friends & Innovators,

With the sunny season upon us, I thought it would be a great time to share my top 5 summer cookbooks that will heat up both your kitchen and your BBQ! One of the joys of summer cooking is the opportunity to dine al fresco, which I absolutely love to do! Eating outside can truly enhance a meal, offering a refreshing change of environment and fostering a sense of relaxation and connection with nature. 

So, when the sun is shining, get outside and fire up the grill! My top cookbooks feature a wide range of recipes, including refreshing summer salads, flavourful BBQ menus, inventive vegetarian dishes and innovative recipes for fresh Irish fish dishes that utilise the entire fish, introducing new flavours and textures to your plate while promoting better health for you and the planet.

As always, I hope my GRATE food innovation newsletter sparks growth in your food business and that these cookbooks inspire a love of summer cooking!

Annie x


This is my go to summer cookbook! Not only is everything incredibly delicious, but it's also healthy too. You can't get better than that! Jack and Theo Kirwan, founders of renowned Dublin-based restaurants, Sprout, are dedicated to showcasing the rich flavours a salad can offer. Saladology features over 100 exciting recipes, spanning from simple side salads to vibrant vegetables, comforting noodles, pasta, fish, and meat dishes. Inspired by their favourite culinary adventures, this collection reimagines the possibilities of salads, always with a focus on flavour. Some standout recipes include Ratatouille con tomate, roast chicken winter panzanella, harissa sweet potato with herb-split yogurt and Olive oil-braised fennel with chorizo and halloumi honey. Embrace the sunny side of salads this summer!


BBQ DAYS BBQ NIGHTS by Helen Graves, is the ultimate go-to guide for entertaining – you’ll find 20 menus, each featuring a drink, nibbles, a dip, the platter, a side, some extra carbs and a dessert. All customisable, all incredibly delicious. With recipe chapters divided by season, you’ll find go-to grilling ideas and menu suggestions for every occasion, whatever the weather. Charred Tomato 7-layer Dip, Sticky Agrodolce Sausages, Curried Brown Butter Potato Salad and Tequila Macerated Strawberries are just a handful of the dishes you’ll find in this selection of showstoppers. Sizzle into summer where you can grill and chill day and night.


Anna Jones gives her golden rules for easy wins in the kitchen with super-simple recipes that are bursting with flavour and kind to the planet. Celebrated chef Anna delves into 12 essential ingredients guaranteed to enhance your cooking experience, featuring chapters on lemons, olive oil, mustard, tahini and more. Explore 125 brand-new recipes you'll want to prepare again and again, such as Double Lemon Pilaf with Buttery Almonds, Traybake Lemon Dhal and Cherry and Chocolate Peanut Butter Sundae. Yum! With practical guidance on seasoning, flavouring techniques, and invaluable vegetarian substitutes, this collection ensures accessible and adaptable cooking.


Not just for summer, but since we often indulge more in fish during this season, dive into 'Whole Catch,' the ultimate guide to cooking seafood from gill to fin! Recently launched as part of the Blasta book series, Whole Catch embodies the philosophy driving Aishling Moore, owner of Goldie seafood restaurant in Cork City. She champions the whole-catch approach, transforming previously discarded fish into delicious dishes and converting even the most hesitant diners into devoted seafood lovers. Determined to utilise every catch and maximise resources, Aishling also prepares for days when inclement weather keeps boats at bay, ensuring a well-stocked larder and showcasing her creativity. Scale up your cooking game this summer with these amazing seafood recipes!


A Love of Eating is written by the founders of Tart, London, Lucy & Jemima. It is an oldie, but a go to for me every Summer! Their book showcases their unique approach to cooking and eating- crafting colourful, fresh and wholesome meals to share and enjoy, all with a fun and fuss-free attitude. Whether you need a weeknight one-pot wonder to simmer while you unwind, a splendid brunch to surprise your friends, or the perfect menu for a long, leisurely lunch, Lucy and Jemima provide the keys to honest, full-flavoured, and effortlessly enjoyable dining. A Love of Eating is all about naturally good food that’s a pleasure to make and a delight to eat.

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