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  • Annie Dunne

Treasures from the Sea

Rootless' Daily Seaweed Bites are alternatives to Iodine Supplements. A great example of how seaweed can be made convenient. Founder Sachi Singh sources the USDA-certified organic seaweed from the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Maine and Ireland. It is sustainably harvested and rigorously lab-tested for quality. In addition to providing reliable livelihood to harvesters and coastal communities, these thriving seaweeds help heal the surrounding ocean by absorbing carbon from the water and air.

Pickled Seaweed from Crawford's Rock

Kilkeel based Crawford’s Rock has created an original range of healthy sea vegetable products. One of those products is Pickled Seaweed, which is a wonderfully versatile product and pimps up any sandwich or salad. Or like me, you could just eat it straight from the jar! Not only does it have an award winning taste, it is also classed as a Superfood, packed with minerals and vitamins. It provides high energy and low calories, making this little gem a natural gift from our seas.

ZALG's innovative Crispy Seaweed Sticks

ZALG's crispy seaweed sticks are the newest algae-based innovation from the French producer and they make the most of locally grown seaweed to share a versatile, sustainable plant-based food.

These seaweed sticks have a light sea vegetable filling and a layer of breadcrumbs on the outside, and they're ready to savour in varieties like lemon zest & onion.

AKUA's new SpongeBob SquarePants Kelp Patties!

Akua - an Australian brand focus on meat-alt products, they want to replace factory farming with regenerative ocean farming. They source 100% of their kelp from a network of New England-based regenerative ocean farmers.

They've collaborated with Nickelodeon, to introduce AKUA’s new SpongeBob SquarePants Kelp Patties in original and BBQ flavour, making healthy eating super fun with the help of the world’s most beloved underwater character. These 1.5oz mini-burgers are nutritious, delicious, and cook up in less than 6 minutes.

FlexSea's seaweed based packaging solutions

FlexSea (The UK): Develops seaweed-based packaging solutions, 100% edible, allowing for many new packaging possibilities.

It's not just food where seaweed is solving problems, there is lots of packaging companies exploring seaweed as a sustainable solution too. One such example is FlexSea film, which is capable of crystal clear transparency. Ideal for windows in cardboard packaging.

I love their quote

"The packaging of the future is born in nature, serves its purpose, and returns to nature in a harmless way"

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