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More than 1,800 companies, from 60 countries displayed foods, drinks and related items at the 66th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, this month, as part of the United States’ $175 billion specialty food industry. Here's the highlights:

Key Trends

Sustainability, ethical sourcing and products to support the livelihoods of underserved communities are increasingly important features for a growing list of products. Convenience was also a key theme, jump started by the "pandemic-influenced" cooking at home, as well as alternative comfort foods, using ingredients such as chic peas, tiger-nut flour, bananas and peas.

New Flavours & Ingredients South-Asian inspired flavours, umami powder, Lapsang souchong tea, seaweed, bourbon, black truffle showing up in products like coffee, cheeses and candies. And a spice dimension to sodas was only on trend.

New products & categories of interest included: Freeze-dried candies and ice-cream. Infused ice honey, ready to drink Tea & Coffee, coffee made with figs, flash-fried tomatoes, mushrooms and other veg, pepper sauces & condiments from around the globe. Whimsical products such as edible candles and animal shaped cheese also caused some interest.

Packaging innovations included single-serve, compostable and greater portability with less mess.

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