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The Air Fryer, an evolving consumer trend - The 5 GRATE innovations

Happy FriYAY Foodies!

This week, I'm shining a spotlight on the "Air Fryer," a rapidly emerging kitchen essential found in the majority of households. Its skyrocketing popularity can be attributed to two primary factors: the perceived health benefits it offers and its cost-effectiveness. Notably, energy experts now advocate for air frying as one of the most efficient cooking methods alongside microwaving, leading to an increasing number of products featuring air fryer cooking times on their packaging. The time-saving convenience of air fryers has also made them a favourite among busy consumers.

In light of this evolving consumer trend, I'm excited to share some global examples of air fryer products that align with this shift. Moreover, it's worth considering how food businesses are adapting to this trend and whether offering specific products for air fryers or including dedicated instructions on packaging could enhance your business strategy. Retail giants like M&S, Tesco & Iceland have already embraced this trend by updating their packaging with tailored instructions. Is this something your business is currently exploring or considering? Let's explore five innovative examples together and inspire your strategic thinking.

Happy reading, as always!

Annie x


Perfection Fresh grow and supply some of Australia's favourite fresh fruit & veg. Their latest launch heroes veg for the air fryer are a first of its kind in Australia. These new range air fryer veggie kits are the fast, fresh and tasty way to add extra vegetables into your mealtimes, in a flash! Each air fryer kit contains 100% Australian fresh grown vegetables, washed and cut to size and a perfectly matched seasoning mix. No prep is required, simply open the bag, add the seasoning and pop into the air fryer. They are super convenient and there are currently 3 kits in the range: Crispy Herb & Garlic Potatoes – (ready in 18 minutes!), Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potato – (ready in 16 minutes!) and Thai Chilli & Lime Broccolini® - (ready in 6 minutes!) 


Last September, for one night only, Shoreditch pop-up AIR served food made in the popular gadget. Popular cookbook writer and air fryer savant Nathan Anthony paired with eBay to make the restaurant a reality and described it as ‘a dream come true’. The evening demonstrated the versatility of the device and only used refurbished air fryers. The menu included 12 small plates ranging from steak tacos to peaches with ice cream and honey! Have you considered doing an air fryer pop-up for your business? 


Biff’s Plant Shack is one of the first brands in the UK to add air frying cook times to the cooking instructions of their Crispy Fried Jackfruit Burgers and Biff's hero crispy fried jackfruit Wingz, which have recently launched in Sainsbury’s. You can now up your plant game at home with the Shack's delicious street inspired food and fakeaway-ready range, which is rounded off with Smoky Chilli Cheeze Waffle Fries and Banging Bhaji Loaded Fries as sides. The product range launch stands out as featuring updated cooking instructions.


Canadian plant-based brand Wholly Veggie, was one of the first Canadian brands to launch a range of new products that are air fryer-friendly and sustainable. They developed these lines as they noticed the rise in demand for both frozen products and products that can be prepared in air fryers. Their range of appetisers include vegan mozzarella sticks and cheddar sticks, both with a crispy cauliflower panko coating, and sweet potato popcorn, its plant-based version of chicken popcorn made from chunks of cooked sweet potato covered in crispy chickpea crumb.


Not surprising that the oil category is also adapting to maximise this trend. Sizzola is just one example of an oil brand that has introduced a specific Air Fryer Spray Oil to its range. The oil spray is a blend of high oleic sunflower & refined avocado oils. Launched in Sainsburys recently, it is suitable for all air frying and any other high heat cooking needs in temperatures up to 250°C. Another benefit of the product is that it does not contain lecithin, unlike other spray oils, which can affect the non-stick capabilities of the air fryer drawer.

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