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  • Annie Dunne


Bringing you the food innovation news you need to know to unleash innovation potential and spark growth in your food business. Here's a round up of some of the interesting and innovative new products that have launched recently

  • Nurhu launch World's first wrapper free energy bar

  • Twistea- Ready-to-drink alcoholic tea introduced to UK market

  • Finless’ plant-based tuna - made with winter melon, sliced poke-style and frozen in one-pound pouches for convenient use and labour savings

  • Lome - the world's first methane reduced beef is causing quite a stir! Launching in Sweden this week

  • Halo Top released a $10,000 Diamond-Encrusted Pint Of Ice Cream

  • Buena Vato World’s first” tequila in a cardboard bottle. The bottle is made from 94% recycled material, and is reportedly lighter than it’s previous glass alternative

  • Crumbles - a lovely example of a new product ticking the health, nutrition and sustainability box

  • Golden Wing Coors beer launches worlds first barley milk

  • Mooless the world's first animal free whey protein

  • Tendernay - Tender-stem broccoli infused wine. A new way to drink your greens!!

  • Chlorophyll Water the first-ever bottled water in the USA to pass and receive "Clean label Project Certification". A plant-powered purified mountain spring water enhanced with Chlorophyll, giving the drink its distinct green pigment in plant life.

  • Kayu - UK's first cacao fruit energy drink. A natural way to get your caffeine hit.

  • Salt & Straw - ice-cream perfumes. Scents designed to inspire you

  • Mockingbird Spirit - Alcohol free Tequila inspired, agave based spirit.

  • Brave - a grain free, sugar-free breakfast cereal made from peas & chickpea. Super Hoops, that is higher in protein and fibre and lower in carbohydrates than most conventional cereals.

  • Oxy8 - liquid Oxygen. Inspired by nature and backed by Science.

  • Daylesford X Nemi Teas - a bespoke range of organic teas and botanical infusions, providing employment & skills to refugees to integrate into their local communities.

  • Nobo - the dairy free conscious treat brand, have launched yummy protein balls

  • C02C0A - a new brand from Mars, Inc. their first animal-free and earth-friendly chooclate line, made with whey protein from Perfect Day.

  • Vegan ice-cream with Potato milk - saffron ice-cream have partnered with DUG potato milk to launch their first vegan ice-cream.

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