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Innovation in Food Retail - 5 innovative stores to visit!

Hello Foodie Friends!

This week, I'm shining my innovation lens on food retail, independent stores & supermarkets, where there is a whole host of innovations going on, including, the integration of e-commerce, health and wellness trends, sustainability initiatives, and an increasing demand for local and organic produce. Technological advancements such as smart shelving, personalised marketing, loyalty programs, and the advent of contactless and automated solutions are also driving stores forward. 

According to Forbes, research shows that consumers – particularly Gen Z shoppers – increasingly want their ethical and environmental values to be reflected in their shopping habits and they are making more informed choices as a result. Supermarkets that provide transparency from farm to fork will attract shoppers, protecting themselves from the price wars to which less innovative rivals will be vulnerable.

So, I've taken the five most impressive examples of this innovation, providing food for thought on where and how your brand might feature in the future. It is also useful to be aware of these innovations, when you are next talking to your buyer. They always appreciate brands who are keeping their finger on the pulse! 

I'd love to hear what stores are inspiring you?? Drop me a line!

As always, enjoy the read, I hope it sparks innovative growth in your business

Annie x


The supermarket in Taby Centrum Shopping Mall has been given a unique makeover, turning food shopping into a more personal shopping experience. A pink juice & smoothie bar welcomes visitors inside Taby's and the store also features a fully stocked vegan butchery, a seafood & champagne bar and a bar for delicacies, designed to give the store the freshness of a market hall. Designed by Swedish Studio Westblom Krasse and design agency Snask, their main goal was to create a more personal shopping experience by modernising the brand and giving it a concept as the culinary dream come true. They used colours that would enhance the produce and used rounded shapes throughout the interior to create clean sight lines.  


Lavazza's London flagship store challenges perceptions of the brand as a supermarket staple by blurring the lines between café, store, and restaurant. The renovated space offers an immersive experience, featuring works of art, polished brass, and royal blue fixtures. No surprises though that coffee takes centre stage, emphasizing its sensory nature. Every detail, from the coffee bar made of ground coffee and resin to the Pillar of Aroma adorned with shimmering moka coffee pots, is meticulously curated. Lavazza aims to create a sit-down experience where customers can appreciate coffee beyond just its taste, elevating it to an art form.


Bridge is an experimental store offering a truly innovative hybrid concept that blends the features of a supermarket, market hall and hospitality space across 2,000m2. Its programme of local traders and pop-ups gives the experience an ‘always new’ feel. The lab kitchen provides a unique social cooking space, while the specialist fresh food departments showcase world class ranging and display. Just sublime. Bridge is a new meeting place for food culture in the heart of Zurich. The Store provides an experience that brings together people, fresh cuisine, food and products. It's an urban meeting place in a lively setting. Definitely one to visit! 


Barn Bio achieved their vision of establishing a sustainable food enterprise with the creation of a permanent indoor market. This market proudly presents 100% organic goods in bulk, priced fairly. Following the inauguration of the initial store, four additional markets have emerged, catering to an increasingly health and environmentally conscious customer base. The straightforwardness and sincerity of this approach serve as a testament that wholesome, organic offerings do not require extravagant packaging.


Whole Foods pioneered the organic food market concept, setting a precedent for stores like the one in Tampa, Florida. This particular store embodies the evolution of Whole Foods following its acquisition by Amazon. While remaining true to the essence of Whole Foods, it adopts a more minimalist decor. Although it maintains its commitment to freshness, there's a heightened focus on grab-and-go food options. Moreover, the store proudly showcases more than 800 local products from the state of Florida throughout the store from over 160 local suppliers.

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