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Ingredient-less products, a revolutionary trend - The 5 GRATE innovations

Welcome to Food Innovation Friday!

In this week's edition, we're diving into the fascinating world of ingredient-less products – a revolutionary trend reshaping the way we perceive and consume our favourite culinary staples and supporting a fight to reverse the challenges of climate change. From the comforting richness of honey to the aromatic allure of coffee, and the creamy indulgence of peanut butter to the savoury delight of cheese and cocoa, these products are defying conventional wisdom by offering alternatives that mimic the real deal, yet are engineered entirely differently.

Consumers' ever-growing appetite for sustainable, allergy-friendly, and ethically sourced options has propelled the rise of these ingredient-less innovations. Made using cutting-edge technologies and creative ingenuity, these products are redefining the boundaries of taste and texture. And although these products could be deemed "niche" at the moment, they are definitely ones to watch for the future !

Are you working on or using allergy free or ingredient-less products in your business? Where do you see the future of these ingredients?

As always, enjoy the read and I hope it inspires growth in your food business!

Annie x


MeliBio, the world's first bee-free honey uses a ground-breaking bee-free honey technology that combines scientific innovation with a commitment to the environment. MeliBio are on a mission to create sweetly satisfying moments that promote a kinder, more sustainable future for humans and bees. Darko Mandich, a former honey executive and founder of MeliBio, saw the negative impact of honey production on the biodiversity of native bee species. Upon immigrating to California, he met Dr. Aaron Schaller and together, they decided to pioneer a future for honey that creates a world where humans and bees thrive.


Climate change is threatening coffee, and according to Minus coffee production is double the trouble. It contributes to and suffers from the effects of climate changes. That was the driver for founder of Minus, Marciel Saenz, after she visited her home country of Costa Rica, where she seen first hand how coffee is affecting bio-diversity. Minus produces coffee with less water, less environmental damage, and shorter supply chains. It's coffee minus the beans! They use a beanless approach to protect the coffee ritual, farmer livelihood, and our precious planet. Minus Coffee provides you with that iconic coffee flavour and the morning boost you desire, all while aiding in our planet's preservation.


London based WNWN food labs are the world's first cocoa free chocolate. They use cutting-edge science to convert sustainable, plant-based ingredients into a delicious cocoa-free chocolate that snaps, tastes and melts just like chocolate. They use a base of carob and barley and a traditional fermentation process to gain the familiar finish. The chocolate works in all chocolate applications, bars, confectionery, cookies, chocolate coatings, making it super versatile and open to food service as well as retail. The brand’s new cocoa- and palm-oil-free chocolates riff on the popular Cadbury Wholenut, Terry’s Orange and Tony’s Chocolonely - cheeky and to watch!


Voyage Foods, an American based company, use a unique technology to make its peanutless spread, which is free from the Top 9 Allergens, including tree nuts. It is made using a seed blend of roasted sunflower kernels, sunflower oil and grape seeds. They have also introduced a hazelnut free option too, which is also nut-free, cocoa-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. This nut-free spreads are good for 365 days a year - but once you try them you will more than likely go through more than one jar a year!


Did you watch the recent documentary on Netflix, "You are what you eat"? In the series, Myokos Cheese featured. Inspired by their Award-Winning best selling artisan cheeses, they've crafted a family of delicious plant-based cheese spreads, including a pourable mozzarella, which to me sounds super convenient. Although only available in the US, lots of great learnings on how a traditional brand has evolved to meet all consumer needs.

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